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    The first affordable haptic feedback suit
    made just for VR


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A New Dimension of Virtual Reality

Location-Based Haptic Feedback

Reach out and touch the world around you.  Feel a sword clash against your armor.  Box with friends.  Be present in virtual reality.

Comfort and Flexibility

Play games in comfort.  Adjust the suit to fit almost any body type, and play active games without overheating or getting tired.

Integrated Tracking

Track your entire upper body in virtual space.  See your avatar, not just a floating head and hands.

Developer API

Great games are the key to great VR.  That’s why we’ve built an easy developer API that lets our partner developers add powerful haptics to their games in hours, not days or weeks.  Game on!

Haptics-Enabled Games

You can play ANY game with audio mode on the Hardlight suit,
but these games are built from the ground up for the next generation of virtual reality.

Desert Of Danger

Our In-House Demo

Battle Dome


Many More Coming Soon!

Check back soon…

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