To bring virtual reality one step closer to reality by making haptic feedback available to everyone.


Frustrated with the lack of haptic interaction in games, Morgan Sinko teamed up with colleagues he met at the University of Rochester and set about revolutionizing the way users interact with virtual reality. Along with Lucian Copeland and Jordan Brooks, Morgan later founded NullSpace VR, and through years of experimentation, prototyping, and testing, the Hardlight Suit was born.


NullSpace VR, Inc., the company behind the Hardlight suit, is a tight-knit group of gamers and VR enthusiasts:

  • Morgan Sinko – CEO
  • Jordan Brooks – CTO
  • Lucian Copeland – COO
  • Casey Waldren – Lead Software Developer
  • Minsoo Lee – Lead Electrical Engineer
  • Jonathan Palmer – Lead Game Developer
  • John Schork – Director of Marketing

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