To bring virtual reality one step closer to reality by making haptic feedback available to everyone.


Hardlight VR emerged from a seemingly simple idea: the way we interact with games should be more natural, intuitive, and immersive.

After struggling through a physical disconnect while playing a motion-controlled game, Hardlight’s Founder and President, Morgan Sinko, knew that motion wasn’t enough. He needed to feel what he was doing. Seeing a gulf in the technology available, the idea for Hardlight was created – a consumer-level system for adding the sense of touch to virtual reality. The project began as a rudimentary pair of gloves and progressed through many prototypes to become the groundbreaking Hardlight suit.

Upon completing the first version of the Hardlight suit and API, the company relocated to Seattle to work with the city’s network of VR developers. Establishing a base at the SURF Incubator, the team has set about perfecting the design of the Hardlight Suit and its suite of haptic integration software.



NullSpace VR, Inc., the company behind the Hardlight suit, is a tight-knit group of gamers and VR enthusiasts:

  • Morgan Sinko – Founder and Chief Revenue Officer
  • Jordan Brooks – Chief Technical Officer
  • Lucian Copeland – Chief Executive Officer
  • Casey Waldren – Lead Software Developer
  • Jonathan Palmer – Lead Game Developer
  • John Schork – Director of Partnerships

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