These are very exciting days here at NullSpace HQ. We’re hard at work getting all of the specs finalized for manufacturing and continuing to get as many of your preorders in as possible before we have to cut off the first run of suits.

We’re currently awaiting a new build of Sairento (one of our favorite Hardlight Suit experiences so far!) and finalizing even more partnerships with game developers. That means we’ll have some awesome new titles to announce very soon! Our plan was to have a whole bunch of the best VR titles be totally Hardlight integrated by the time backers receive their suits, and so far that plan has been going absolutely swimmingly!

We’ve also been busy experimenting with some fun new VR things. We’re as anxious as everyone else for VR to finally go fully wireless, so we wanted to see if we could advance the cause a bit, at least on our own scale. We hooked our HTC Vive up to our trusty Zotac VR backpack PC and connected a Hardlight Suit to an external battery and VOILA!

As you can see from the video, it was a truly excellent experience and a really exciting preview of where VR is headed. Soon we’ll all be able to get our virtual frolic on untethered by nests of tangled cables!

If you haven’t preordered your suit, or you have and want to add on some fun things like a t-shirt or a wireless module, don’t forget to check out our BackerKit store to get in on the first run of suits!

Game Spotlight: SAIRENTO VR

Check it out! Our COO, Lucian runs through some of the awesome haptic effects integrated into Swagsoft’s amazing SAIRENTO VR. It’s one of our favorite Hardlight Suit experiences so far, so we’re really excited for people to get to try it out!

We <3 Developers

A lot of developers have asked about the software kit that comes with the Hardlight Suit. We wanted to address those questions and show off our SDK, so our Lead Game Developer Jonathan Palmer agreed to star in this video doing just that.

The Hardlight Suit at PAX East 2017!

We had the best time demoing the Hardlight Suit at PAX East 2017! Hundreds of patient, excited fans were able to demo Desert of Danger and Sairento VR over the course of three packed days and the response was through the roof!

Watching people try the suit for the first time is one of our absolute favorite things, so to say we had a blast would be a huge understatement. Here’s a video with some of the many highlights of the weekend!